Geophysical Cataclysms and Karma

“The world we know is growing more dangerous. The number and severity of natural disasters has increased since the 1960s.” *

HP Blavatsky
Helena P.Blavatsky
When audiences at H.P Blavatsky’s talks complained that the world was not responding to the call of the ancient wisdom, she said it might have to take geophysical cataclysms ‘to shake the faith of materialists in materialism’. The appalling earthquake in San Francisco in 1906 may have first brought the implementing of H.P.B’s words to public attention. For years the true casualty lists of that catastrophe were withheld. Many insurance companies went bust. The successive disasters that have dramatically unfolded across the world since 1960 have had a greater impact on world opinion because through television billions of people witnessed the horrifying events and aftermaths live. New York’s 9/11, the Boxing Day Tsunami, the devastation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the St. Helena’s volcano were recent disasters watched by more than half the worlds population. The proof that the public was being directly impacted was through its immediate response in subscribing hundreds of millions of dollars in funded relief. The donations came from the heart :-

“The heart has it’s reasons that reason cannot know”
-Blaise Pascal
The witnessing of our mother Planet Earth in violent travail humbles us into a subjectivity, which recognises the inscrutability and transience of things material. For humanity this is a heart chakra quality that reminds us of our inner reality.
From the unreal lead us to the real
From darkness lead us to light
From death lead us to immortality

Or, as John Bunyan put it, you need to be so humbled that God can be your guide. +

St.Paul's Cathedral
St.Paul's Cathedral
during the blitzkrieg
"It is an ill-wind that blows nobody any good" and even out of geophysical cataclysms some goodness may yet emerge, traumatic though at the time they may be. In 1940 Adolf Hitlerís Luftwaffe launched massive air attacks on London and night after night for some years the British capital was set ablaze. Huge areas of the city were raised to the ground and whilst many historic and cultural buildings were lost, the slums of Londonís east end were also devastated. Despite determined efforts the unforgivably poor housing of the working classes in the eastern part of London had remained stubbornly neglected. The German blitzkrieg had almost at a stroke put an end to the problem. Overnight, the slums were replaced immediately the war ended. The geophysical cataclysms of a global war made sure of that!

Relating possibly to global patterns of warming, the U.S has experienced the worst devastation by hurricanes on record. Even as these lines are written New Orleans, one of the poorest cities of the nation, is still recovering from the extensive flooding at the hands of Katrina, a hurricane which inundated 40% of the city’s housing, mainly that of the Afro-Americans. The devastation of property is almost complete and evacuation of the black population in the same area is total. The phenomenon that occurred in London’s east end is being repeated. Poor housing in huge, low-lying areas is being completely replaced, a process which without the accompanying calamity of Katrina would have been impossible in less than a generation. The ill wind, with the help of human goodwill has blown well at least in part.

This suggests that nature’s forces may act as an agent of Karma. ( see Karmic Laws in the bookstore)


  1. The Karma of Islam presents as the Himalayas are heaved up higher producing an earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan this year (2005) with 40,000 killed, and this was part of the heaving. Also part of the Karma of Islamic states was the huge Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. This would have been short-term planetary Karma acting on Islam for the Jihad against the United States, and the 3000 killed on 9/11 (Sept, 11th 2001)
  2. Equally so the Karma of the British history of wars was being expressed mainly in two fashions….firstly at sport. In the 1948 Olympics held in Britain she came only 12th with just 3 medals. Her soccer, cricket and rugby results through the years hardly have been any better. Secondly Karma is exacted on the British through their appalling weather.
  3. The Karma of the United Sates, which shares a soul with Britain, is also its weather, almost on a planetary scale with hurricanes that are increasing in their devastation.
  4. The Karma of France, since her catastrophic behaviour in WWII has been the harsh and cold responses to her overtures by her neighbours.
  5. The Karma of Spain resulting from her dreadful civil wars has been sustained terrorism out of all proportion with the population size.
  6. The good Karma of Poland is the progressive expansion of her frontiers and her mounting prosperity.
  7. And that of Germany has been favourably, the destruction of her dweller and unfavourably, her persistently high rate of unemployment.

* New Scientist, October 2005
+ The Pilgrim’s Progress.