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Geophysical Cataclysms and Karma
The Karma of the Kennedys
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This website represents the work of English Doctor of Medicine
Dr. Douglas Baker,
 B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

Dr. Baker has given thousands of lectures in England and abroad. His investigations into historical events, using conventional as well as esoteric methods of research, have produced compelling answers to such mysteries as the sinking of the Mary Rose, the disappearance of the crew of the Marie Celeste, and the true authorship of the works of  Shakespeare.

Dr. Baker presents the Ancient Wisdom and the Perennial Philosophy in the language of the day so simply and clear as to astound his audiences. His academic background stretches over four Universities in subjects such as Medicine, Literature and Psychology.

Dr. Baker is a Doctor of Esoteric Philosophy and is also  Claregate College. Professor of Astrology. He recently published a comprehensive  Astrological Dictionary  in three volumes to support his eleven volume series in Astrology. These text books are the basis of study classes around the world.

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