Life on other Planets

"A mind that is stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions"
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

LONDON, ENGLAND – This book will change the way you think abut life and the universe. It will provide glimpses of the true destiny of humanity who is soon to colonise planets in our solar system...immortality!


Dr. Baker's occult investigations, together with his knowledge of the cutting edge of contemporary thought, have uncovered fascinating details of the history of our planetary neighbors. Life on the Moon reached fairly advanced levels of physical expression, and evidence for this contention lies waiting to be discovered, at deep subterranean levels. A greater question mark exists over the possibility of complex life having been present on Mars. The discovery of the remnants of microbial life on an ancient Martian meteorite will do little to resolve this quandary. A few drops do not make a monsoon...but they may presage one!

Is there life, and in particular human life, out there in the universe?

Esoteric teachings affirm that life does indeed exist throughout the cosmos even within our own solar system, on planets other than the Earth.

The world's attention is again on the subject of Mars and its obvious signs of having recent water.

For 30 years now I have been in the avant guard of research into this matter. I have stated openly at public lectures that the magnetic field of Mars was lost when Volcano's erupted the main core of iron from with in Mars. This not only destroyed Mars's magnetic field but left large caverns beneath its surface. Mars developed an orbital bias as the result and periodically this had the effect of drawing surface waters of its seas into these caverns underground cisterns.

Periodically the bias would draw water into the cavernous leaving the surface of Mars with its obvious water courses apparently dry but still allowing water to ooze out into gullies at the base of Mar's canyons.

The recent evidence of these presences of water confirms my descriptions which you will find in my book "Life on Other Planets.

NASA's recent images show the rivulets of recent water. This evidence of the presence of water confirms my descriptions which you will find in my book "Life on Other Planets".